Dear Residents,

We have some very good news about the library! 

Knowing that the library needed upgrading FoCL has, in conjunction with other activities, been actively lobbying Warrington Borough Council and LiveWire for urgent renovations, modernisation and improved facilities.

Following discussions with Warrington Borough Council and LiveWire we have been told that significant funding will now be made available to renovate the building and make some important improvements.

We have done a lot of work in the library to promote a wide range of activities involving various sections of the Culcheth community. This has included Lego, crafting, jigsaws, reading and wellbeing . The library is there to benefit ALL of OUR community and as always we are looking for further ideas and suggestions.

Over the past four years FoCL has received many donations, both regular and as one-offs. These have been much appreciated and have been used to instigate and enhance community activities within the Library.

The Borough Council and LiveWire have recognised all the work done so far by FoCL and this played an important part in supporting the case we put forward for improvements/upgrades.

As soon as FoCL has any further important information on improvements/upgrades we will share them with you.

Friends of Culcheth Library (FoCL) Committee.